In-Vivo Tests are performed in biological models such as:

• Mouse

• Rat

• Rabbit

• Guinea pig

Toxicological six-pack for agricultural pesticides (insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and herbicides), insecticides and veterinary supplies, household insecticides and insecticides for public health, as well as to obtain a report and/or a toxicological concept, which are issued by the health authority of the respective country.

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 Ecotoxicological assays

Carlos Manuel Bustos Bolívar
Technical Director / Toxicologist
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Toxicological Six-pack (Tx Oral, Tx Dermal, Tx Inhalation, Dermal Irritability, Ocular Irritability, Dermal Sensitization)

  • Acute toxicity.
  • Sub-chronic toxicology.
  • Chronic Toxicology.
  • Mutagenicity assay.
  • Carcinogenicity assays.
  • NSAIDs Test.
  • Test of teratogenicity.
  • Test of pathogenicity.
  • Eye irritation test.
  • Skin irritation test.
  • Test of vaginal irritation.
  • Test of penis irritation.
  • Test of rectal irritation.
  • Assay of oral mucosa.
  • Photosensitization test.
  • Test of palatability.
  • Dermal penetration test (NSAIDs). (Medicamentos AINES).
  • Photo-allergy test.
  • Sensitization assays.
  • Classification of plastics of parenteral use (USP/BP/ISO).
  • Biological assays (UPS/BP/ISO).
  • Assays of systemic toxicity.
  • Cytotoxicity test.
  • Ecotoxicological studies, based on the OECD-EPA guidelines.